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In Lebanon, there are approximately 250,000 domestic migrant workers, mostly women in the age group of 16 to 50 years. Many of them face discrimination and/or abuse. Our Mission: We aim to raise awareness about migrant working conditions in Lebanon and advocate for them to be protected by the law. Empowering migrant workers to have a network that they can rely on in case of distress or abuse, where they can access shelter and financial/legal support.

  • Inside Lebanon

    Inside Lebanon is a monthly publication that features real stories from migrant workers in Lebanon. It also includes updates and developments on advocacy for migrant rights in the Middle East. This is an online quarterly publication that will be featured on Mesewat blog.

  • Education

    Children of migrant workers have difficulty accessing schools in Lebanon, meaning that many of them miss out on their basic schooling. Schools in Lebanon don’t accept migrant workers children, and this is why we are giving them private tutoring. This will help the migrant worker children to be able to learn how to read and write and speak English and Arabic

  • Legal Assistance

    sexual, verbal, physical, and financial abuse is predominant issues migrant workers face every day in Lebanon. In many cases, the sponsor/employer withholds the salaries of the migrant workers, leaving them vulnerable as they cannot leave the country or switch employers without the sponsor’s permission due to the Kafala system. We provide legal service for migrant workers who have faced abuse, taking up their case legally and fighting for their rights.

  • Shelter

    We provide transitory shelter for migrant workers who have faced maltreatment from their employers and wish to return back to their home countries. We wish to have a shelter home for Migrant workers who are in urgent need of a place to stay. The shelter home will be a rented apartment which will be funded through donation from sponsors and friends.

  • Medical Assistance

    Many migrant workers do not have health insurance and do not receive adequate medical attention when they have accidents, many of which are at the hands of their own employers. Children of migrant workers could also be at risk of not receiving proper medical care when needed. We look after migrant workers whose medical needs have been neglected, and support them with their medical service costs. Over the years other migrant workers have been supporting each other in meeting their needs. We also facilitate the process of getting support from United Nations, Caritas and other organization.

  • Prison Visitation

    Many migrant workers are thrown into prison for arbitrary reasons by sponsors or the security forces, without the chance to be legally represented. We facilitate migrant workers in this process and help repatriate them to their home countries. We work with The Lebanese Government on this; they allow us to see migrant workers in prison and through this we provide counselling and support.

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