I envision a Lebanon where migrant workers are secured by law and can claim their rights. Mesewat works towards this vision so it may one day become a reality.

Mesewat is an organization that addresses violence, inhumane treatment and injustice that domestic migrant workers in Lebanon have to face every day.

Through focusing on the direct support of the affected women, creating awareness and promoting change on a legal level, the organization helps women with psychological care, individual guidance and we provide legal and financial support.

Financial support for example is needed when a woman struggles with critical medical conditions and needs food when they are thrown out by their sponsors.
I have built up a network among migrant workers that enables them to support and encourage each other.

In the long run I plan to open up a permanent shelter for up to 20 domestic migrant workers who, have either escaped or have been thrown out of the home of their sponsor and are in desperate need for aid.

To create public awareness and advance a change in the sponsorship system I regularly meet with government officials, NGOs and various human rights organizations.